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What is the best strategy for hiring external workforce in product teams

Wednesday (10/26) at 7:00 PM (BR)

  • How to expand the team fast
  • How to make product improvements without stopping my current team
  • Hiring more full-time professionals (pros and cons)
  • Software house (pros and cons)
  • Bodyshop consultancies (pros and cons)
  • Hiring freelancers (pros and cons)
  • Exclusive, free Ebook: How to scale your product team 10x faster efficiently with freelancers.

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João Paulo Araújo
João Paulo Araújo

Co-founder and CEO of Growyx

Entrepreneur by passion since the age of 17, he worked in the largest communication companies in Brazil, while developing other businesses in parallel. One of them was a Winefor wine e-commerce, which he sold to Ambev in 2016. In 2019 he moved to Lisbon and found Growyx, a platform for hiring and managing technology freelancers focused on startups and scaleups. 


Ariane Gomes

Community Manager at Growyx

Enthusiast in the world of innovation and technology, she has worked as Community Manager in coworkings, business accelerators and projects for the inclusion of women in the technology area. Since 2017 she participates and organizes events such as Startup Weekend, where she can also participate as a mentor and volunteer in the organization.
Today she lives in Portugal and is part of the commercial team at Growyx, besides also adding to the construction of our community of freelancers and clients who believe that the future of work is #Freelancer.


Christopher Toya

CEO and Founder of Tech Founder


Jonathan Souza

Product Manager at BossaBox


Pedro Gomes

Product Owner at Growyx

Learn new ways to scale your team and accelerate your product


How to scale your team 10x faster efficiently with freelancers

In this ebook you will learn all the necessary information about how to scale your talent team using on-demand professionals, integrating them into your internal workforce in an agile and flexible way.

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We are a platform that helps companies hire and manage independent tech and marketing talent, facilitating the entire process of selection, compliance, onboarding, labor management, and payments.

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