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A 10x better freelancer platform! We help you hire and manage the best talent by the hour. All in one place, with security and simplicity

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The flexibility your company
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Our mission is to help companies hire the best temporary talent,
to develop new projects without having to increase headcount.

For growing startups
Scale your technology team 10x faster
If your company needs reinforcement for product squads, hire the elite of freelancers and unlock your backlog.
For consolidated companies
Gain 10x more efficiency and flexibility in hiring talent
Develop new projects and features with on-demand talent, without having to increase headcount, and save up to 60%.

All in one place

Hire. Manage. Grow!

All in a simple and agile way!

A complete platform for companies and professionals to connect and innovate. In one place, you have access to everything you need to hire and manage talent.
Hire talent by the hour
Whenever you need to put a new idea into practice, just create a project and inform what kinds of specialists you will need to make it happen.

No more spending hours and hours looking for the right professionals - our system will take care of that for you.
Track the metrics
Easily track and analyze how professionals are using hours and credits throughout the days. This way, you never lose sight of your project's progress.
Generate reports
Generate customized reports for your projects whenever you need to do specific surveys.
Centralize payments
Using our platform, you are able to view the statement of all payments made for contracted projects and talent.
Crystal Growyx

Optimize your time

Only the best professionals are selected for the projects.

Okay, we know. Finding good professionals who have - besides a good qualification - a good arsenal of soft skills, may not be a very easy task. But that is exactly why we are here!

DiSC Methodology
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We analyze the (D)ominance, (I)nfluence, e(S)tability and (C)onformance attributes of each talent to determine which profile is best for each position.
Culture and soft skills
Our talents are selected taking into account the company's culture and the soft skills required, so that they integrate naturally into your team.
Technical Skills
The most sought-after technical skills are here! Our talents are constantly evolving and ready to master any stack.
Perfect match!
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Using advanced tests, our algorithm and hunting team are able to put together the perfect team, specially designed for your project!
UI Designer
Product Owner
Marketing Analyst
Social Media Analyst
Agile Coach
Scrum Master
SEO Analyst
Data Scientist
Paid Media Analyst
Back-end developer
Front-end developer
Full-stack developer
Tech Leader
UX Writer
UX Research
Content Producer
UX Designer
Motion Designer

Design, Technology and Marketing

A complete arsenal of talents.

There are already more than 4,000 technology and marketing specialists registered on our platform. Hire the best independent talent now!

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Success stories that fill us
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Goodbye headache

Leave the boring part to us!

You only need to post your vacancies. The talents we seek for you!
Hire as many hours as you like and replace a talent whenever you need to.
We select the most suitable talents that will fit your project, to ensure maximum quality in the deliveries.
You only pay per hour worked, validating the hours after the work is done. In addition, you can cancel the contract whenever you want.


We have gathered here the questions we hear the most to save you time 🙂 Here are the questions we hear the most.

Are you a software consulting company?

No. We are a marketplace that connects technology and marketing professionals with companies, being 60% more efficient than traditional outsourcing consultancies.

If the professional does not do the work agreed upon, what happens?

At Growyx we have a safety trigger before releasing payment to professionals. If the company complains that one or more professionals are not delivering their tasks...

Can I hire only 1 professional through Growyx?

Yes, you can hire 1 professional and define a monthly contract of hours with him, paying only per hour worked.

Who is responsible for managing Growyx's freelancers?

The responsibility of managing the freelancers hired at Growyx lies entirely with the company. Growyx provides an account manager who will do the whole onboarding process...